AMP has allowed me to focus on my client relationships…easing the on-boarding process, while freeing me from many of the day-to-day headaches that can frustrate and impede those efforts.


Quality input = Quality output

The DISCOVERY period can mean many different approaches for many different advisors. Regardless of what approach is taken, the quality of the plan is only as good as the quality of the input.

During the DISCOVERY meeting the advisor will affirm the Confidential Fact Finder and learn more about the client’s life work, values, money memories, goals and fears.

*Prior to the meeting the prospect has completed the confidential fact finder
amp-discovery-emoney eMoney Spotlight

A consolidated view of everything they own and everything they owe, updated daily.

Help your clients organize their financial life with their own digital wealth management portal to keep them connected not only to their finances, but also to you.

amp-discovery-salesforce SalesForce Dashboard

In one click an advisor can view a specific client’s current holdings. In two seconds you can pull a reports eliminating hours of busy work that allows you to focus on managing YOUR CLIENT relationships.

amp-discovery-advisor-dashboard Advisor Dashboard

Quickly and easily pull a report showing an overview of all client relationships including prospects in the pipeline…a command center designed to help you run your business more efficiently.

amp-discovery-smarter-portfolio Smarter Portfolio

Share your investment story (and your strategies) easily using a custom branded Smarter Portfolio presentation brochure. Guide your prospect from start to finish with engaging illustrations of why they should choose YOU.



An advisor can choose either a WealthPLAN proposal (Comprehensive Financial and Investment Plan) or the Quick & Dirty (Investment Plan Proposal).

Your WealthPLAN proposal will include:

  • Current financial position vs proposed wealthplan
  • Investment philosophy and your threshold for investment drawdown
  • Detailed investment analysis and recommendation
  • Fees
  • Next steps to becoming a wealthplan client and what happens now

Your Quick & Dirty (Investment only)
proposal will include:

  • Current financial position vs proposed wealthplan
  • Investment philosophy and your threshold for investment drawdown
  • Detailed investment analysis and recommendation
  • Fees
  • Next steps to becoming a wealthplan client and what happens now




On Boarding

FINALLY, opening new accounts IS SIMPLE!


We equip you with tools and technology to streamline the process you use to serve your existing clients and to effectively engage new prospects. By keeping it simple, you grow your firm faster and more efficiently…from anywhere.

Effortless for both YOU and YOUR CLIENT.

On Boarding

go paperless. get more done.


Remove the burden of piles of paperwork with each new account. Youll have access to over 30,000 new account forms and required paperwork using industry-best form-filling solutions to power your clients through the paperwork process and make it less tedious.

On Boarding



Built-in metrics track not only who has completed a new account opening, but also who has saved progress to come back to later. You can analyze the time it’s taking people to complete your new account questionnaire, and refine the process for maximum outcomes.

Maximize outcomes through real-time metrics.

On Boarding


Create, review and edit your trade orders with powerful back-end processing and ease, all from any web browser on any Internet-capable device.

Proactive alerts keep critical information in front of you, as it’s happening. You also get real-time pricing information and real-time equity trading.

You know NOW.

On Boarding


We all want to feel confident about the decisions we make. Choosing superior technology that gives us more information can help us do that. Trade intelligently using a security’s tax ramifications, or analyze how a portfolio’s asset class allocations will change as a result of your rebalance before you process your trades.

See the future.


From the moment they call in, you’ve instantly got access to the information you need to manage your relationship.

amp-review-verification Verification for eForm

Integrate a client-workflow for changes and review of client documents. A shortcut for the advisor that provides an automated communication system that is compliance-approved and white-labeled with your brand.

amp-review-stress-test Stress Test

Employs a visual and intuitive flowcharting approach to allow you to build models for analyzing even the most complex probabilistic or deterministic scenarios. The Monte Carlo simulation software provides an array of definitions and constructs that will allow you to model the situation that you wish to examine.

amp-orion-household Orion analytics and household performance review.

Orion’s custom reporting abilities mean you can create a data heavy report for your accountant client, and another report rich with graphs and charts for your client who moonlights as an artist.

You know your clients best, so show them how much you care with a report tailored specifically to how they learn and absorb information.

amp-review-shoretel ShoreTel automation

Instant access to client data when they call in. Everything you need, at your fingertips, as soon as your phone rings.

No need to look for data and call the client back, it’s ready when they (and you) need it.

amp-review-weeklydashboard Market review and Weekly Dashboard

High-level view of your client’s status, performance and a highlights report.

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